WUR PhD project ICT and citizen science for BXW control and prevention under ICT4BXW project, Rwanda

The problem that is being tackled

Aim is to improve the control and prevention of Xanthomonas Wilt disease in banana crop in Rwanda through enhancing inclusive access to and use of information and knowledge


The CIALCA solution

A mobile phone based platform is developed using a participatory design approach that involves village extension agents. The platform supports improving agronomic practices for banana disease control and prevention while also providing country-wide information about the presence and severity of Xanthomonas Wilt disease

How it contributes to improving livelihoods

The innovation would contribute to recovering banana production in Rwanda which supports food, income and nutrition security. In addition the innovation supports implementation and meeting of objectives for the Rwandan ICT4RAg policy. Lastly, it can help to increase the efficiency, efficacy, and cost-benefit of extension services.

CIALCA Pillars

Pillar 1: Partnerships and policies Pillar 2: Capacity Development Pillar 3: Innovation development and use
The project partners with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rwanda Agriculture Board. There is ongoing engagement with Rwandan initiatives for the use of digital innovations in agriculture. The project in itself offers capacity development for the PhD candidate executing it. Additional capacity development will be present in form of engagement with users of the tool that is developed. A number of BSc and MSc, both local and international, will be conducting their internships and thesis work on the project The development and use activities are as described under previous sections of the survey

Must-read publication

If you want to learn more about BXW management in Central Africa, then please read:

Mariette McCampbella, Marc Schut, Inge Van den Bergh, Boudy van Schagen, Bernard Vanlauwe, Guy Blomme, Svetlana Gaidashova, Emmanuel Njukwe, Cees Leeuwis (2017). Xanthomonas Wilt of Banana (BXW) in Central Africa: Opportunities, challenges, and pathways for citizen science and ICT-based control and prevention strategies.

More info and outputs

Mariette McCampbell, wageningen university (Mariette.mccampbell@wur.nl)


This work stream is implemented in collaboration with:

  • Rwanda Agriculture Board,
  • Bioversity International,
  • Wageningen University,
  • IITA