RTB Scaling Readiness Work

The problem that is being tackled

Which tools, practices, models, organizational arrangements are necessary to increase scaling performance of RTB projects?

The CIALCA solution

Scaling Readiness System

How it contributes to improving livelihoods

It support several interventions operating in Central Africa. It does not aim to develop any specific development outcomes or impacts but supports intervention to achieve their objectives.

CIALCA Pillars

Pillar 1: Partnerships and policies Pillar 2: Capacity Development Pillar 3: Innovation development and use
It does not have an explicit Policy agenda. Partnerships are established based on development and scaling needs of different components of Scaling Readiness System. 1. Basic understanding of innovation and scaling,

2. Use of online surveys to collect data

Each of the components below are developed and their used are aimed to be increased
Components of Scaling Readiness (Back – End)
SR foundation theory
SR concept reference set
SR intervention lifecycle
SR multi-objective data management layers
SR result framework
SR indicator set (compliance, learning, science)
SR implementation architecture
SR reporting tools
SR analysis tools
Components of Scaling Readiness (Front – End)
SR survey tools
SR implementation protocol
SR user manual

Must-read publication

If you want to learn more about Scaling Readiness , then please read:

Murat Sartas, Marc Schut, Frans Hermans, Pietvan Asten, Cees Leeuwis (2018). Effects of multi-stakeholder platforms on multi-stakeholder innovation networks: Implications for research for development interventions targeting innovations at scale

More info and outputs

Murat Sartas, Knowledge,TechnologyandInnovationGroup,WageningenUniversity,Wageningen,TheNetherlands, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture(IITA),Kigali, Rwanda, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences(SLU),Rural development and natural resource management, Uppsala, Sweden (m.sartas@cgiar.org)


This work stream is implemented in collaboration with:

  • Wageningen University (WUR);
  • Bioversity International;
  • International Center of Tropical Agriculture (CIAT);
  • International Potato Center (CIP);
  • ACAI