Partnerships and Policies

Pillar 1: Partnerships and Policies



To leverage public and private partnerships for impact along the agri-food system and set up an inclusive, ICT-based monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) system.


CIALCA has a 12-year legacy in the Great Lakes Region, both in terms of its development impact and through its partnerships and networks. This elaborate network enables the Consortium to leverage CIALCA innovations with governments and other public and private sector development programs. While building on existing—strong—partnerships with the agricultural ministries and national agricultural research institutes, CIALCA has also advanced collaboration with strong market parties (e.g., by linking farmers to agrifood processors), and with nongovernmental service providers (e.g., development organizations with a track record of impact).

Expected outcomes

By the end of 2019, strategic partnerships have been established and partners are engaged in validating and scaling CIALCA innovations.

On a continuous basis, feedback obtained through participatory action research and the ME&L framework influences any future R4D investments of government, and development and business partners



Activity 1.1: Mapping of the demand for R4D solutions within RTB systems

By the end of 2017, the demand for research and innovation has been assembled and documented in the CIALCA Theory of Change (ToC)

Activity 1.2: Agreement on the zones of influence in consultation with scaling partners

By the end of 2017, zones of influence have been agreed upon and are adapted and documented in the ToC on a yearly basis thereafter

Activity 1.3: Engagement with value chain partners (private, public) that are active with proven capacity to deliver in the Great Lakes Region

By the end of each year, agreements are reached with development partners on specific contributions from CIALCA

Activity 1.4: Activation of a participatory, inclusive, and gender-sensitive ME&L framework

By the end of 2017, an ICT-based data collection and ME&L framework is functional and used by stakeholders

Activity 1.5: Co-design of government, development, or business R4D investment strategies for sustainable intensification

By the end of 2019, CIALCA has contributed to the shaping of R4D investments of government, and development and business partners

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