Out now: CIALCA Annual Report 2019

CIALCA has published its Annual Report over 2019. Now 2,5 years into the current CIALCA phase, CIALCA is happy to report good progress.

For CIALCA, 2019 was a good year. We made excellent progress along our three Pillars, had a very successful Mid-term Review meeting with strong partner and donor representation, attracted complementary funding to ongoing CIALCA initiatives, and launched our CIALCA data-base (CIALCA-base) as an integral part of our new website.

In terms of our agricultural research for development mandate and role in the Great Lakes Region we are entering interesting times. The largest global agricultural research for development partnership, the CGIAR that also governs CIALCA, is redefining its position and agenda as part of transition towards ‘One CGIAR’. As part of its transition process, it is moving towards a new agenda that focusses on addressing the world’s grand challenges around five areas of impact. CIALCA is strongly positioned to guide such new agenda and investments in the Great Lakes Regions, which is why we decided to organise this CIALCA Annual Report 2019 around those five Areas of Impact: Gender, Climate, Poverty, Nutrition, and the Environment.

The CIALCA 2019 Annual Report can be downloaded here.


Please refer to this report as: CIALCA, 2020. CIALCA Annual Report 2019. Published by IITA, the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT and  FAO/IAEA under the Consortium for Improving Agriculture-based Livelihoods in Central Africa. March 2020. Available at www.cialca.org.

CIALCA, its partners and beneficiaries strongly acknowledge the long-lasting support provided by the Belgian Directorate General for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid (DGD). CIALCA is implemented as an integral part of the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) and supported by CGIAR Fund Donors.