Research reveals: Novel and effective technique to control Xanthomonas wilt of banana is suitable for Rwandan agro-ecological conditions
04 Dec 2020 | News
Banana is a major commodity in Rwanda, used as both a cash and (staple) food crop; it covers 23% of… Read More
An RTB innovation: Disease mapping and surveillance made easier through an AI-powered smartphone app and drone/satellite image analysis
10 Nov 2020 | News
Disease surveillance and mapping has for long heavily relied on in-person field surveys by knowledgeable staff. However, this approach has… Read More
Using isotopes to build resilience to climate change in the Great Lakes Region
22 Oct 2020 | News
It is predicted that climate change will cause an increase in frequency and duration of dry spells in Central Africa,… Read More
Promoting agriculture during COVID19: bravery of IITA Rwanda field technicians during lockdown
10 Jul 2020 | News
Deus Kayibanda feels the field in his veins. The Research Assistant at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) Rwanda… Read More
Farm typologies: a pathway to scaling agriculture interventions
24 Jun 2020 | News
Rollout of development interventions using a one-size-fits-all model can achieve economies of scale but can neglect the variability in farm… Read More
Out now: CIALCA Annual Report 2019
02 Apr 2020 | News
CIALCA has published its Annual Report over 2019. Now 2,5 years into the current CIALCA phase, CIALCA is happy to… Read More
CIALCA study reveals how cavies provide a livelihood opportunity in eastern DR Congo
07 Feb 2020 | News
New research by scientists from the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) and Wageningen University, reveals that cavies are important… Read More
The unforgettable M.Sc. thesis research journey of Aline Ishimwe
20 Dec 2019 | News, Uncategorized
As a second-year student of IMRD (International Master of Science in Rural Development) in Ghent University, I was enthusiastic to… Read More
CIALCA tests for best cassava fertilizers in the Great Lakes region
20 Dec 2019 | News, Uncategorized
Since November 2018, the Consortium for Improving Agriculture-based Livelihoods in Central Africa (CIALCA), led by International Institute of Tropical Agriculture… Read More