Farmer typologies as a tool for development and innovation scaling in Rwanda
01 Jul 2021 | News, Rwanda, Uncategorized
IITA-Rwanda’s Rhys Manners was invited as a guest speaker in IFPRI-Rwanda’s inaugural webinar titled - ‘Farmer Typologies and Innovation Scaling… Read More
CIALCA lessons can support One CGIAR Regional Integrated Initiatives
07 Jun 2021 | News
CIALCA lessons can support One CGIAR Regional Integrated Initiatives The international agricultural research for development (AR4D) sector could change strongly… Read More
Breaking BXW – Soap for tool sterilization
28 May 2021 | News, Uncategorized
By Walter Ocimati   Like Covid-19, the bacteria that causes Xanthomonas wilt (aka BXW) in bananas can spread quickly through… Read More
Akilimo introduced in Rwanda for best cassava and potato fertilizer recommendations
26 Mar 2021 | News
Rwandan cassava and potato farmers face the challenge of finding fertilizer recommendations to generate higher yields and profits. Current fertilizer… Read More
Research reveals: Novel and effective technique to control Xanthomonas wilt of banana is suitable for Rwandan agro-ecological conditions
04 Dec 2020 | News
Banana is a major commodity in Rwanda, used as both a cash and (staple) food crop; it covers 23% of… Read More
An RTB innovation: Disease mapping and surveillance made easier through an AI-powered smartphone app and drone/satellite image analysis
10 Nov 2020 | News
Disease surveillance and mapping has for long heavily relied on in-person field surveys by knowledgeable staff. However, this approach has… Read More
Using isotopes to build resilience to climate change in the Great Lakes Region
22 Oct 2020 | News
It is predicted that climate change will cause an increase in frequency and duration of dry spells in Central Africa,… Read More
Promoting agriculture during COVID19: bravery of IITA Rwanda field technicians during lockdown
10 Jul 2020 | News
Deus Kayibanda feels the field in his veins. The Research Assistant at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) Rwanda… Read More
Farm typologies: a pathway to scaling agriculture interventions
24 Jun 2020 | News
Rollout of development interventions using a one-size-fits-all model can achieve economies of scale but can neglect the variability in farm… Read More