Contact and Credits

Dr Marc Schut

Dr Marc Schut (CIALCA coordinator IITA)

Dr Marc Schut is Senior Scientist with IITA . Marc has been coordinating CIALCA on behalf of IITA since 2017. Based in Rwanda, he oversees partnerships and research for development activities with the CIALCA team. Marc’s main interest is facilitating impactful innovation and scaling processes that lead to improved livelihoods for farmers in Central Africa. For more information, please write to

Dr Roseline Remans

Dr Roseline Remans CIALCA coordinator Bioversity International

Dr Roseline Remans is a Senior Scientist with Bioversity International. Roseline is coordinating CIALCA on behalf of Bioversity International since 2016. Based in Belgium, Roseline manages CIALCA’s capacity development investments with the Belgian Universities. She also leads the nutrition research activities under CIALCA. For more information, please write to

Dr Kokou Kintche

Dr Kokou Kintche CIALCA systems agronomist IITA

Dr Kokou Kintche is a Systems Agronomist with IITA. Based in Bukavu (eastern DR Congo), Kokou is overseeing CIALCA’s field experiments with partners in Burundi, Rwanda and eastern DR Congo. He also leads the CIALCA pillar on Knowledge Services, and is involved in supervising two CIALCA PhD students. For more information, please write

More information on CIALCA can also be found on our ResearchGate website.


Since 2006, CIALCA has been supported and funded by the Belgian Directorate General for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid (DGD). CIALCA is mapped to the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) which is supported by the CGIAR Fund Donors (